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First and foremost at MOMENTUM, we want to tailor services to best serve your needs.  The first step is to contact Dave at for a free consultation.

Here are some of the services offered:

Program Consultation and Custom Show Design
Program Consultation and Direction.  We will program your marching band or indoor percussion show. This would include providing source music samples with detailed musical, visual, and drill notes through the use of SoundCloud, as well as in-depth program notes including the storyboard, costume and color choices, color guard instrumentation, percussion directives, and sound design suggestions.  
Custom Music Design.  We specialize in customized marching band arrangements, and / or original material for the marching ensemble, including all brass and woodwind instrumentations (customized to match your ensemble's instrumentation).  We will also provide arranging services for battery, front ensemble percussion, and electronics upon request.

We are Sibelius friendly.
Custom Sound Design.  Successful marching programs are incorporating electronics into their show design, for this aspect of an ensemble's music design is crucial in today's competitive arenas.  We will provide all sound design samples, along with guidance on how to effectively utilize your electronics setup.  We also design performance tracks for competitive Winter Guard units, and sound design for indoor percussion ensembles.

Custom Drill Design.  Drill design can be arranged through MOMENTUM with marquee, and up and coming drill designers in the marching activity.  This service is limited, however, and based on availability.  

Existing Show Catalog
Show Catalog.  We have a handful of existing shows available in our Show Catalog.  Percussion arrangement services for these shows are also available.  Sound Design is included if incorporated in the design, and Custom Sound Design is available if not.  We offer regional exclusivity for competitive bands.  Inquire within.

Educational Services

Program Clinician

Music Clinician

Masterclasses in Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Student Leadership, and Music Booster Advocacy

Weekly Marching Performance Assessment(s) with commentary and follow up objectives

The Instructor Network

Judging Affiliates Network

For more information regarding these services, email Dave at